Expert Domestic Tax and International Tax Consultancy, Training and Advisory for Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Based in the traditional heart of Malawi, we are a modern, energetic, forward looking set of expert tax counsel with wide experience of Malawi Tax, Uganda Tax, East African Tax, and International Tax related matters both as Advisers and Tax Lawyers.
We are a small firm yet have highly developed international consultancy skills, All rounder Domestic Tax, Transfer Pricing, Oil and Gas Taxation, Mineral Taxation, rare even among the very largest firms in Malawi and East Africa.
We set up in 2018 because so many companies and individuals struggle to navigate the complexities of Domestic and International Taxation and often fail to find practical tax advice that works. We had seen it too many times so many Legal Firms and Accounting Firms masquerading as Tax Advisors yet they know little about Tax Controversy and they have offered all the theories on how to Mitigate tax, but are unmanageable in practice.

Why is this happening in the region? For a number of reasons:
  • Tax law attracts academics who tend to love the theory, but have little real world experience and we have many In Malawi, Uganda and East Africa in general.

  • The big firms based in Malawi, Uganda and East Africa have become risk averse giving descriptive tax advice.

  • International Tax is a very specific discipline that is more than domestic tax with bells and whistles and majority have failed to cope up with the pace of turbulent International Tax Practice.

Having worked extensively on the client side, we were also frustrated by firms who would not put their neck on the line and do the job they were paid to do – advise.


  • Malawi Law Society
  • Uganda Law Society
  • East African Law Society
  • ADIT Affiliate – UK


Pearson Tax Chambers is an elite set whose Advisers are among the best regarded Tax Advisers in the region.


We will ask the right questions so we can create a practical tax structure that suits you, your business, family life and lifestyle.


We’ll give you clear advice. Advice that you can trust. Then we’ll put it all into action, so you can get on with doing the work you love.


It won’t feel like a chore. We’ll demystify the process and scrap the jargon. It might even make you smile.